MEPS™ (Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent)


MEPS performs the same function as SPE, namely the purification or speciation of samples, but with some significant differences:

It works with much smaller samples (as small as 10µL) than full scale SPE
It can be easily semi-automated using the custom programming functions of the eVol® XR hand-held automated analytical syringe
It can be fully automated – the sample processing, extraction and injection steps are performed on-line using the same syringe. 

For an examlple of this, please refer to "An automated method for the analysis of phenolic acids in plasma based on ion-pairing micro-extraction coupled on-line to gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with in-liner derivatisation", Peters, S., Kaal, E., Horsting, I., Janssen, H-G,. Journal of Chromatography A, 2012, 1226: 71-76.

MEPS is applicable to GC and LC
Significantly reduces the volume of solvents and sample needed

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