Certified Vials
12 x 32mm
(ND9, ND11 & ND11S)

Mass Spec Certified Vials

Chrom4 MS Certified Vials are produced under the most stringent conditions with highly sophisticated production technology. To provide this assurance, we certify the following for the specified lot:
Physical testing by opto-electronic inspection
Chemical testing, chemical quality verified by mass spectroscopy
Sample: Methanol
Samples are incubated at 25 °C for 12 hours in the vial and septa cap.
9-425 clear screw top vials, item No. VT009M-1232CERT and 9-425 amber screw top vials, item No. VT009MA-1232CERT.
All glass products are borosilicate USP class 1.
Strain point: 565°C.


Vials & Caps Kits are also available: VT009MCERT-C395MSRIB, VT009MACERT-C395MSRIB and VT009M-C397SBCERT, VT009MA-C397SBCERT.

This product is certified and guaranteed to be fully compatible with all GC, HPLC and UHPLC autosamplers requiring 12 x 32 mm vial with 9mm srew thread. All lots of this product have been manufactured under a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001. All glass vials are manufactured in a clean-room environment, using Schott FIOLAX® borosilicate glass tubing.

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