ACME HPLC/UHPLC columns are based on a new 120 Å ultra-high purity (99.999%) extra-treated porous spherical silica with a narrow particle size distribution and an extremely low metal content(< 10 ppm) to minimize silanol acidity and reduce surface metal sites available for chelation. ACME PLUS HPLC/UHPLC are based on the same ultra-high purity silica with a pore size of 200 Å


Combined with a proprietary bonding technology this results in columns with optimal efficiency, asymmetry, and minimal back pressure.  ACME silica pore structure shows dramatically improved performance on real samples. See figure below:

ACME HPLC/UHPLC columns are available in several bonded phases (C18, F5-C18, C8, Phenyl, CN, PAH, PLUS) covering a wide range of reversed-phase applications.

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