TSS Filters

Xenomax® TSS-FVS Filters are specifically designed to ensure compliance with Standard Methods 2540 D and Standard Methods 2540 E (Fixed and Volatile Solids Ignited at 550°C).

In addition, these 1.5 µm binder-free, fast flowing, fine porosity borosilicate glass microfiber filters have been optimized for better wet strength/handle ability and high temperature (550°C) blank stability; two quality issues known to affect other brands of TSS filters. Xenomax TSS-FVS Filters are readily available in the popular sizes for use in a wide variety of CoorsTek® chemical-porcelain labware including Bitumen, Buchner, Gooch, Hirsch, and many other popular filter holders. Other sizes are available upon request.

XenoMAX TSS-FVS Filters for Standard methods 2540 D and 2540 E
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