InnoSep™ Silica based SPE

Silica based SPE product line manufactured in many configurations with 40µm irregular-shaped silica particle size and various surface chemistries for non-polar, polar and ionic exchange interaction.

InnoSep™ SPE Cartridges

Easy to use
Sample preparation in four simple steps
Economical, environmentally friendly,
Reduces use of hazardous solvents by 95%
Reduces operator time, glassware and equipment by 83%

Tight quality control for particle size, surface activity, pH, flow rate and interferences
Hermetically sealed packets prevent contamination and allow inspection of the cartridges before use

Used for a wide range of applications - pharmaceutical, clinical, environmental, toxicological, biological, foods/cosmetics and agricultural.

InnoSep™ 96-Well Plates 

Prepare 96 samples at one time
Reduce use of hazardous solvents, operator time, glassware and equipment
Achieve high recoveries with 2-3% coefficients of variation
Perform extractions with a wide variety of sorbents
Two plate sizes and a range of standard packing amounts are available

InnoSep™ Mini Speed SPE contain a wide variety of sorbents found in InnoSep™ standard cartridges. The Mini Speed configuration (similar to Sep-Pak) can be easily used in manual syringe operations or on a vacuum manifold. The female luer top and male luer bottom allows to process single cartridge by syringe or multiple cartridges stack together.  

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